Get Involved

General Membership Meetings

Meetings are held on the 4th Wednesday of every month @ 5pm.

All Local 40 Active members are encouraged to attend!

 ** Please bring your current dues receipt for admission **

If you need more information, click the yellow button below to contact us or for directions. 

Political Action

We, and our families, must make our voices heard on the issues that impact our local, work lives, and wages. We know nothing will come without struggle, and the first step is to get in touch with those legislators who represent us! The consequences of each election will have a direct impact on our jobs, schools, families and future. Ultimately, we need our union members to be well informed and get out and vote for policies and candidates who support working families. We encourage all IBEW brothers and sisters to register to vote, stay informed on current events, and participate in their local elections.

Begin by looking up your local and and federal legislators and stay in touch! 


Electrical Workers Minority Caucus’ Mission

  1. Promote equal opportunity and employment for minorities at all levels of the IBEW structure;
  2. Foster leadership development and empower minorities to become active participants and leaders in the IBEW;
  3. Assist IBEW minority members who have discrimination complaints;
  4. Promote, support and assist the organizing of minority workers in the IBEW;
  5. Encourage minority workers to be greater activists in community and political affairs; and
  6. Be actively involved in AFL-CIO Constituency Groups, human, civil, and women’s rights organizations to advance the cause of minority workers.

If you’re interested in more information, please reach out to the hall. 


The RENEW Program initiative is to inspire the next generation of IBEW workers to become active in their local union by focusing on issues important to younger workers, providing education about the IBEW, the labor movement and fostering relationships with members and local union leadership.

Greater involvement by local union members of all ages is critical to the growth of the IBEW. RENEW is an IBEW-wide initiative dedicated to creating opportunities for newer members. Enabling them to develop the skills necessary to become active in the local union by playing a role in shaping its future.

The goals of this program are to educate the next generation of workers about the benefits of the IBEW and to provide a space for younger members to discuss issues relevant to their work place and community. We want to encourage their participation in programs that are focused on strengthening the labor movement

IBEW Hour Power

IBEW Hour Power was designed to showcase the stories and messages that impact the IBEW while also promoting the pride and professionalism of the organized electrical industry. As an online video magazine, IBEW Hour Power is designed to highlight the pride, professionalism, and success of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. IBEW Hour Power was created to increase the professional bond between our members and to showcase them at work to anyone who is willing to watch. Hour Power will allow our members to share tips, see what projects their brothers and sisters are working on across the country, hear from our International President Lonnie Stephenson, and have a little fun along the way. We make and share videos from all of the United States and Canada displaying how the brothers and sisters of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers provide value to their families, their employers, and their communities.

Helmets to Hardhats

Helmets to Hardhats is a national, nonprofit program that connects National Guard, Reserve, retired and transitioning active-duty military service members with skilled training and quality career opportunities in the construction industry. The program is designed to help military service members successfully transition back into civilian life by offering them the means to secure a quality career in the construction industry.

All participating trade organizations conduct three to five year earn-while-you-learn apprenticeship training programs that teach service members everything they need to know to become a construction industry professional with a specialization in a particular craft. And, because these apprenticeship programs are regulated and approved at both federal and state levels, veterans can utilize their Montgomery G.I. Bill benefits to supplement their income while they are learning valuable skills and on the job training.

COMET Training

This class is designed to remind members how the IBEW grew to be a great union, the mistakes that have been made along the way and how the union intends to regain control of the skilled labor supply and re-build its bargaining strength. This class is highly encouraged for ALL members.

This training provides the basic knowledge of what unions are all about, like representing all workers in the electrical construction industry and how that enables us to negotiate better wages, benefits and working conditions, while providing signatory contractors the ability to bid projects on a level playing field. 


  • To help members feel welcome and comfortable as members of the local union
  • To have members understand the value and functions of the union.
  • To have members understand their role in and responsibilities to the union.
  • To help members understand their rights as members.

Steward Training

This course provides our members with the information to understand the responsibilities of the shop steward, as well as how to assist the Business Manager in building solidarity and professionalism in the worksite. It is designed to provide stewards with essential knowledge, skills and tools that they need to fulfill their many duties. Topics include roles and responsibilities, legal rights and obligations, understanding the contract, and communicating with members. The IBEW Constitution, LU Bylaws, collective bargaining agreement and grievance investigation procedures are also covered during the training.