Motion Picture Industry Benefits

Motion Picture Industry – Pension Plan 

For every hour worked at a IBEW Local 40 signatory studio, the employer makes contributions to the Motion Picture Pension Plan in the name of each member. Those contributions are stipulated in our contract and bring participation in two pension plans: The Defined Benefit Plan (DB) and the Individual Account Plan (IAP). Members do not see payroll deductions for these plans and inclusion is automatic. 

Should you have questions about your pension, you can find more information by clicking here or calling (818) 769-0007 Ext. 627 

If you are interested in some significant milestones while working in the Motion Picture Industry, click here to view the flyer. 

Motion Picture Industry – Health Plan 

If you have general questions about your healthcare providers, click here here for more information

Eligibility is determined by the amount of hours worked in a given Qualifying Period.  New members become eligible for the MPIPHP Health Plans once they complete 600 hours in a Qualifying Period at signatory studios. 

Membership in the health plans is not life-long. Maintaining eligibility for the health plans is achieved by working four hundred hours in an eligibility period. Once eligibility in the health plans has been established, and then after 400 hours have been earned to maintain eligibility for the next period, you bank the remaining worked hours in your ‘Bank of Hours’. The Bank of Hours is capped at 450 and can be used towards eligibility for the next qualifying period. Therefore, depending on how many hours you have banked, you can use the hours stored in your Bank of Hours to continue your health coverage for a six-month period. 

If you have questions regarding your eligibility, you can find more information by clicking here.