The Rising Tide of Labor Solidarity

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

As summer arrives with warmer weather, the Labor movement has been heating up for the last few months. Across the nation and here in Hollywood workers have united to fight for their fair share and are asserting themselves through collective bargaining and demanding justice and equality.

We are seeing a rising tide of strength and solidarity as unions are fighting back and challenging the status quo. Corporate greed has persisted too long, with executives and shareholders reaping enormous profits while workers are left to struggle to make ends meet. But times are changing. Unions are pushing back and advocating for fair compensation, better working conditions, and greater workplace protections.

It is inspiring to see the solidarity among workers across various industries. From healthcare workers and teachers to warehouse employees, the movement for fair labor practices is gaining momentum. Together we are stronger, and together we can bring about lasting change. This is why it is more important than ever to continue to support our Brothers and Sisters.

As union members, you play a crucial role in this fight for justice. Through collective bargaining, we have secured better wages, improved benefits, and safer working conditions. However, the fight is far from over, and we must remain vigilant in our efforts to ensure that all workers are treated with dignity and respect.

I encourage each of you to stay informed and engaged. Attend union meetings, participate in discussions, and share your experiences. Our union thrives on the active involvement of its members, and your voice matters. We must continue to support one another, stand up for our rights, and make our demands heard.

In the coming weeks and months, we will be at the bargaining table with the electrical contractor’s association, LA NECA. I am asking those of you who are working under the Inside Construction Agreement to please take our negotiating survey.

I also urge all of you to attend this month’s General Membership Meeting on Wednesday, June 28 where we will be discussing the upcoming negotiations and the current status of the Motion Picture Industry.

Remember that while this fight will not be an easy one, we are on the right side of history. We are advocating for equality, dignity, and economic justice. By standing together, we can create a world where workers’ rights are protected, corporate greed is challenged, and every worker receives their fair share.

Thank you for your unwavering support and dedication. Let us march forward, hand in hand, towards a brighter future.

In solidarity,

Stephan Davis
Business Manager

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