Business Manager’s Message – December 2023

Brothers & Sisters,

This year, one of the hottest conversations in our industry revolved around the use of artificial intelligence. Whenever there are technological changes, the biggest concern is how this will impact jobs. Our industry has seen lots of new technologies, and many of them were developed specifically for making movies.

One area of new technology the Local is monitoring closely is the development of new green energy solutions for productions, specifically, how to provide on-site energy storage solutions that do not require the use of diesel.

In November, Local 40 joined forces with the Clean Mobile Power Initiative and other industry labor unions to host a Clean Tech Demo Day as Hollywood looks to go green. This event was organized to bring together representatives from leading production studios, equipment suppliers, and clean tech manufacturers to unify demand and accelerate supply for mobile batteries, hydrogen power units, and hybrid systems.

As the movie industry changes from mobile diesel generators to mobile clean energy solutions, the IBEW is perfectly positioned to continue to perform this work. We currently offer training on power distribution centers, and specifically on batteries and energy storage.

Just this last year, the local added a brand new lab for Energy Storage and Microgrid Training that will train members and apprentices on the safe and effective assembly, testing, commissioning, maintenance, repair, retrofitting, and decommissioning of energy storage and microgrid (ESM) systems.

With this new lab and these new mobile energy storage products, we have begun to look into how to ensure our members get the necessary training to operate this equipment safely and prepare them for this change as we continue to man this work.

I want to thank President Jesse Barron as well as Brothers Juan Rodriguez and Pete Diamond for attending this event with me. Their attendance helped make this event a success, and we represented the Local with pride.

In addition, the Local also invited representatives from the 9th District office to help showcase the IBEW’s role and expertise in green energy work. Having the support of the district office was critical in showing these employers and vendors our ability to not only be a resource in advocating for these technologies, but also that the IBEW can provide a skilled and trained workforce on this type of equipment. 

Local 40 has been providing portable power distribution to the studios for the last 100 years, and we will continue to be the power professionals to the stars and the motion picture industry.

Financial Planning Classes

Earlier in the year we asked members the type of classes they would like to see the Local offer. Financial planning was the most commonly requested.

We have two meetings scheduled. February 5, 2024, we will be starting with Budgeting and Debt Reduction. On April 3, 2024, we will have our second class, Growing & Protecting Your Assets.Both of these classes are scheduled for 4pm.

We look forward to having as many of you as possible at these classes, and plan to add more if needed. Hope to see you there.

Lastly, I hope this holiday season brings you and your families many blessings.

In Solidarity,

Stephan Davis
Business Manager & Financial Secretary

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