Business Manager’s Message – June 2024

Negotiations Update, Work Picture, and Election Results

Brothers & Sisters,

The yellow ticket we carry in our pockets is our ticket to the middle class, and we must fight harder than ever to protect it. As fellow union members, we are all part of something bigger, and we need to use our voices to fight for our member’s rights, as the path to the middle class is getting further out of reach.

In the last few weeks, we have begun our negotiations with the AMPTP (Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers) and also had opening proposals with Universal Studios Hollywood for our Supplemental Agreement.

I have made it clear that the standard contract increases and typical bargaining sessions will not be enough for our members. The landscape in Hollywood for the last 20-plus years is vastly different than today, and the studios must recognize our concerns. We are pushing for improvements we have not been able to achieve in the last decade or more. Our members have given their lives to this industry and deserve the ability to secure a middle-class life and retire with dignity. While it is still very early in the process, we have had some good movement in talks and it appears that there is a willingness from the studios to address our key issues. But, there is a perceived lack of urgency from the employers’ in addressing issues affecting our members, although our agreement is set to expire in just over a month.

We will be rejoining the IATSE next week to hopefully conclude their negotiations. In addition, our goal is to get an agreement on our MPI benefits. Stay tuned for updates, as we plan on sending out an update in the coming weeks.

Work picture  

Last year and the first half of this year have been slower than the last several years. But we have reason to be optimistic that the tides will be changing soon. We have reason to believe that production will be picking up again once negotiations are concluded in the next month, and we should see increased activity on the lots. On the construction side, we have some projects coming up that should be putting in job calls in the next month or so. Specifically, the three bigger jobs are Unison/CSI at the Ranch, Sasco with the new roller coaster at Universal Studios, and Tast with a project for a new independent studio downtown. As we close out the first half of the year, the second half of 2024 looks like we should be getting back to work and getting back to normal.

Election Results  

Every three years we have nominations for officers of our Local Union, and a chance to make your voices heard on the direction of the Local. For the first time in nearly 30 years, the officers slate ran unopposed. This is a resounding vote of confidence in the direction of the local, and we are honored by your support.

We intend to continue to work hard for you and continue the fight to keep our Local moving in the right direction. We are proud of the work we have done over this last term. The job is not finished, and we are excited to get started on this next term. Together, I am confident we will be able to continue to achieve new highs and progress for the collective good of our membership. For the results of the Executive Board and Convention delegate, see the results below.

Thank you again for your unwavering support.   

In Solidarity,

Stephan Davis
Business Manager
Financial Secretary

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